How I Became a Writer: One Woman’s Path

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How I Became a Writer: One Woman’s Path

Good Things Emotional Healing Journal Addiction

The paths leading to the writing life vary tremendously. Elisabeth Davies, MC never expected to journey into the writing life, but journey she did. Now she’s a published author and on the road spreading the messages in her new book. Today, she shares her journey with us.

Early in 2008, I was receiving messages through prayer and meditation that I was supposed to be a writer. I had no experience as a writer and knew nothing about the writing or publishing industry, so I ignored the messages by justifying that I had a successful career.

That year, for the first time in my 19-year career as a counselor, I received a complaint from my licensing board. In addition, one of my contracted insurance companies was not paying me for seeing their clients and it became more stressful for me to continue at my private practice. This stress ended up being the incentive to becoming a writer. In September of 2008, I retired my professional counseling license and began to write.

During meditation and prayer, I began asking why I was supposed to be a writer and what I was supposed to write about. The answers I received let me know that my writing would bless many and I was given 16 different subjects to write about. Through dreams, I received information that the path would be clear for me to do this work and all obstacles would be removed if I would write. I wrote all these things down, so that when I had doubts about writing, I could remind myself that writing was what I was supposed to be doing.

I finished writing my first book, Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction in 2009.
I did not know any editors, illustrators or publishers to send my book to, so I prayed to find the right people to shepherd my book into being. My webmaster told me about an editor he knew, so I called her. When she told me how much she charged, I told her I could not afford her services. She ended up negotiating with me for a small amount and a backend of the book sales!

I began looking for illustrators on-line and felt overwhelmed: I didn’t know whom to choose.  During a meditation, I was given the name ‘Bryan Mouse.’ I googled it. There was one person with that name, and another link that said “Bryan of Tenacious Mouse…” I contacted both of these people, whom I never met and asked them if they happened to be illustrators. Bryan of Tenacious Mouse contacted me from the Yukon and said he had done some illustrations and he was interested in illustrating my book. His fees were more than I could afford, but he also ended up negotiating for a small amount and a percent of book sales.

Now I was ready to send my edited and partially illustrated manuscript to a publisher! But to whom?

I joined some writers and authors groups on LinkedIn in hopes of getting information from other published authors. I was encouraged to get a literary agent because I was a first time, unknown author. I emailed a few. Meg McAllister, publishing and PR expert, gave me a call. I took her advice and sent my manuscript to Morgan James Publishing in New York. Soon after, David Hancock, the founder of the publishing company, called to say he loved my book and was going to accept it! He told me that they received about 5,000 manuscripts a year and only published about 134.

My first copy of Good Things Emotional Healing Journal Addiction arrived in the mail on August 9th, 2011! I continue to be in total gratitude as readers share how my book has blessed them.

To learn more about Elisabeth Davies, MC, visit her website at You also can view her recent interview about emotional eating on Sonoran Living TV at

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