Finding the Time to Write

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Finding the Time to Write

Today’s guest post comes from writer Kate Traci, who like most writers and editors, grapples with carving out the time to write in a busy schedule. 

To writers, writing is like sleep: necessary and needed for us to live. Sometimes it’s like a fine wine: it fills out the day in a tasteful, fulfilling way.

When I don’t write, the feeling comes. I don’t recognize it at first. It creeps in on stealthy feet adding to the quiet unease that something is amiss and going drastically wrong.

          What’s with my bad mood today?

          Is this really all there is?

          UGH, what’s wrong with me?

Then it pounces. I am reminded with force that I need to write, to create content and fill a blank page that begs for my imagination. I scramble for my schedule and look for open time in the week. My heart sinks. Too damn full.

Here is how I make time to write: The Three W’s.

I created my Three W’s – Write, Work out, Walk the dog – as the three non-negotiable items of my day. No more, no less. I put down the Three W’s first and let the rest fill in behind.

I look at my schedule and try the “do this, then do that” method. I tack writing on to other plans and eek out an hour here, 45 minutes there. Slowly it works and I carve out just a little extra time for me.

          After my early workout, I’ll get coffee and write for an hour in that cute coffee shop with wifi. (I will workout, then I will     write.)

          I’ll go early to that lunch meeting, grab a table and sit and write for 30 minutes maybe longer. (I will write, then I will have my lunch meeting.)

          Every Wednesday night, I’ll write from 8-9 pm instead of watching a show. (I will write, then I will watch a show.)

Sure I don’t manage to include the Three W’s in every day. Sometimes the dog gets the “backyard walk.” Sometimes the writing is click by click on my iPhone while waiting for an appointment, and sometimes the working out is just walking up the stairs. BUT I try.  I set a rule to keep my Three W’s in the forefront of my mind.

What we think about most, our brains will find a way to create.

I recognize it again, this time the feeling of relief and a quietly strong peacefulness that starts to creep over my soul.

          Ahh I’m back. Good job girl!

          Hmmm, I think I can fit in maybe four days this week!

          I have to stand in line for an hour? OK no problem at all.

Writers, we have a gift. It is our duty to use it and share it with the world. There is no guilt when we are duty-bound. There is no can’t, there is only effort. We have our orders from the universe and those, fellow writers, are the most important for us to follow.

Tell me your tricks of how you make time to write! I would love to hear.

Kate Traci is a California raised beach girl at heart who now finds herself residing under the hot desert sun. Thankfully her sister has a pool. Working on an organic farm and building a social media marketing business, keeps Kate busy and scheming for ways to pursue her greatest love: writing. Follow Kate’s stories at



  1. This is very helpful. Sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s okay to take time to write AND get everything else accomplished in a day. This gives me hope, as I’m procrastinating when I should be writing. Thank you for the 3 W’s (although I might change out the workout for a double walk with the dog).

  2. Great topic. Every writer is faced with the problem of not having enough time to write or in some cases, lacking the motivation to keep on going. For me, I was most productive when I was married and had a full time job. The only time I had to write was late at night, between the hours of ten and midnight. Discipline is key. Without it, a writer will have lots of excuses for not finishing the paragraph or page from the day before.

  3. This is so true. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I like Lee’s idea of replacing the workout “W” with a double walk for the dog 🙂 I journal (which is still writing, I suppose) but I do tend to put it off sometimes 🙁 Life often gets in the way and I find myself jotting dated “color notes” in my smart phone to remind to journal about it later (does that count?)

    Maybe I am making the whole process even more difficult by keeping 3 different journals at any given time (?) I have my daily life journal, my special pets journal and the therapeutic journal I started during & after my mother’s passing (now titled “Ways I will not be like my mother”.

  5. I have plenty of time, but how do I develop the discipline to stop cruising facebook, surfing the web for cool vacation spots and playing words with friends when I should be writing??

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