A Book, A Tour, and a Blog: The Horse Lover is Here

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A Book, A Tour, and a Blog: The Horse Lover is Here

It’s been a busy and fun time of late.

On March 1, the University of Nebraska Press released The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs. This is a memoir that Alan Day and I co-authored about his experience starting the first government-sponsored wild horse sanctuary. Alan was born a cowboy and started riding horses even before he could walk. I was born a suburban girl and started riding bicycles as soon as my legs could pedal. I never owned a horse and come to think of it, I never asked Alan if he owned a bicycle.  But despite our disparate backgrounds, we were able to write a book. And like all authors, we’re eager to share it with you.

Thus, this week we launched a virtual book tour. A big thank you to Linda Leon of Book Marketing Professionals and Eunice Nisbett of Savvy Bestsellers for arranging this tour. These ladies rock. If you’re an author and want to take your book on a journey through the ethers, give them a shout.

If you’ve been following the tour, you know about Alan’s story. If not, read a bit about it here. (And yes, Kevin Costner really did visit the ranch to see about filming Dances with Wolves on it.) Yesterday, Alan shared a story about Chico, his first horse (ironically a wild mustang). And the day before, he talked to a German audience about training the 1500 wild mustangs he cared for on his South Dakota ranch.

We decided to change thing up for today’s appearance. Rather than sharing a story, we’re offering you a chance to win two books: an autographed hardcover of The Horse Lover and a copy of Lazy B, a memoir that Alan and his big sister Sandra Day O’Connor co-authored about growing up on their family’s southwestern cattle ranch. (It was a mere 200,000-acres and straddled Arizona and New Mexico.)

To enter, follow the directions below. The drawing will take place at the end of the tour on May 2nd.  In the meantime, we invite you to follow the rest of the tour. You can check back here daily to see where Alan will be appearing or sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Happy riding, pedaling, writing – or whatever it is you do best!


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