Applying for Literary & Writing Awards

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Applying for Literary & Writing Awards

Can’t you just see it?

An award emblem on the cover of your book.

While coveted awards like the National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize, Hugo Award, Edgar, Caldecott, and Newbury are a challenge to come by, other awards may be attainable. You just have to know where to find them and take the time to apply.

Check out what’s happening in your state.

Many states sponsor awards for authors. Here in Arizona, for example, at least three organizations hold writing contests for fiction, non-fiction and poetry, all of which offer monetary awards and all of which are open to authors regardless of location.

  • The Arizona Authors Association hosts the annual Arizona Literary Contest. This year the submission deadline was July 31.
  • The Tucson Festival of Books started a Literary Awards in 2012 for poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. This year, you have until October 31 to submit your work.

For an extensive listing of awards, visit the Wikipedia page American Literary Awards. It’s one of the most comprehensive listings that I’ve been able to find.

If you’ve found others, let me know!

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  1. Lynn! You always give me great ideas in all your posts -thank you! I just bookmarked that webpage for easy reference later so I can make my goal of one contest per month … or so =)

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