A Warm-Up for the Weekend Writing Warrior

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A Warm-Up for the Weekend Writing Warrior

We’ve just about arrived at the weekend and a long one at that. You can leave your office behind and put your writing in front of you. Here’s a warm-up exercise to get you on your writing way. Stretch those creative ligaments. Flex those fingers. An easy, gentle start will get the words flowing and help you find ballast on the blank page.

For the next ten minutes, write about the following. Once you start, allow yourself to get into it. No one is going to read this unless you put it in front of someone. Write off the cuff. Messy and unorganized is okay. But include details – colors, smells, texture, emotions – all those things that give writing depth.

Imagine putting your hand in your pocket and finding something. What do you pull out? What does that object (or maybe it’s something intangible) feel like? Look like? What’s its purpose? Its history? Its relationship to you?

Now set your timer and let your fingers, pen or pencil fly.

Here’s to a productive strain-free writing weekend.

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